Nothing about Us without Us

There are many ways that we descend into becoming affiliated with “them”.  Some of us are born different and never break free of that designation. We are chastised and victimized until our difference becomes the pathology “they” seek to keep us contained. Others are “fortunate” enough to buy into the mantra indoctrinated into their existence… that in order to thrive the necessity becomes to identify and ostracize those who are “different”; the independent thinkers, those who see and act in the world in ways that do not align with the accepted mantra, those who are diagnosed with physical, cognitive and mental afflictions.

The fact is that at some point, whether we like it or not, we all descend into the designation of “them”. We all age. We all face sickness. We all die. Avoiding “them” does not change the reality of US! What is lost by denying the reality of us is the unique capacity that exists ONLY in the acceptance and reverence of difference.

The suffering of human existence does not take place because of those with the accepted designation of “unworthiness”. It exists from fear of us and our reality. Avoidance, apathy and indifference built into our own socialization cuts our ties from each other. Because we are trained to look for difference in others to protect ourselves, we lose our humanity. Because we silence the small voices within ourselves to comply with those expectations to have what we need, we lose our unique gifts and capacity. As the masses are indoctrinated into this mindset to be worthy of receiving the most basic of needs the differences inherent within each and everyone of us is effectively silenced by fear. We doom ourselves into lives of subjugation. We empty ourselves of our authenticity and assume our roles in the replication of these expectations. For that we are paid. We accumulate “wealth”, money which in and of itself has little meaning except what we assign to it.

In essence we have trapped ourselves and created the emptiness that knawels at us as we sit in silence. We ourselves are own worst enemy.  Our broken ties leave us trusting no one. Our preoccupation with our own need to be valued creates competition so that our special qualities assure us of the basic needs so easily denied. Competition allows us to judge worthiness of others always in relation to ourselves. We are severed from the entirety of our divine existence by the manufactured design of socialization. Its methodology serves only those who aspire to replicate its prescribed policy and procedure. To take a stance against its doctrine places one at risk from and enhances maintenance of the status quo. It is a trap that most of us are too afraid to even acknowledge.

The answer? I see you! I may not agree with you but I care enough to look deeper than your reactions to me. I understand that your reactions are but efforts to protect you from your fear of unworthiness and accompanying punishment through scarcity. I understand fear because I share your humanity and have faced the same socialization. I spent much time trapped in the judgment of others. I choose something different now and I encourage you, for your own sake, to do the same.