Hazing as social commentary

While the legal aspects are important in this case, the social expectations are being missed. There is often a HUGE disconnect between the written law and how it applies to life in the real world. Until there is a close in that glaring gap, there CAN BE NO JUSTICE! We live in a violent and intolerant culture based on seeing and defining inadequacy based on difference. We are caught in a trap of having to PROVE our worth and right to be INCLUDED by living up to social expectations of groups in which we crave to be affiliated. Consider the danger of the long hours expected of medical interns. We know the mistakes that can happen when a person is deprived of sleep, yet we subject our trainees to unrealistic rituals to prove their worth and right to belong. I guess I dont see the difference between the hazing done to this young man and the many examples of similar expectations sanctioned and performed by other ACCEPTED professional groups in our society. This incident is social commentary of a culture self destructing by victimizing its own people.


Nanaymie Kasmira Godfrey MS, MAC, LMHC


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